There are three research groups within the Statistics Division:

  • Statistical Ecology, which forms a major part of the interdisciplinary Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling (CREEM). The group develops and applies new statistical methods to address problems in ecology and conservation. A strong focus is on the real-world applications that motivate methods development, and hence the group has a strong track record of producing user-friendly software, providing training, and producing impact outside of academia.
  • Statistical Medicine and Molecular Biology. Members of this group undertake statistical research across a wide range of medical topics from cancer to psychology and from basic research to clinical trials – typically collaboratively with subject-matter experts. The group also contributes to the University’s Digital Health Science Initiative and the Mackenzie Institute for Early Diagnosis.
  • Machine Learning & Statistics Methodology. This group provides a focus for the methodological research within the Division.  Most group members are also part of one of the other research groups.  Research areas include Bayesian inference, bioinformatics, experimental design, smoothing methods and computer-intensive inference.

If you are interested in joining us as a PhD student, please see the list of current PhD opportunities in the Statistics Division (pdf file).